four star boutique accommodation in st albans

Tankerfield House Boutique B&B St. Albans

Ghostly Goings On

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the fall-out from them exists.

The Au Pair’s Testimonial

‘I had been sent ahead by the B&B management to stay in this house alone. I remember lying awake at nights, listening to all the ghastly creakings, groanings, muffled voices and flitting-about of shadows until one night I got fed up with it. Maldito, I thought. I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. If there are ghosts, they’ll just have to get on with it. After that I was always hearing the noises but I ignored them and nothing ever happened.’


The Guests’ Experiences

This very happy and well-adjusted family of three (Mum, Dad and grown-up Lad) were in the Green Suite when strange things happened. Although they had already stayed two nights between freshly laundered sheets, a white bra’ (it was enormous, like in your dreams) was found on top of a suitcase belonging to the Lad while a pair of tights was found in his bed. There was much laughter at the Lad’s expense at this inexplicable occurrence. The laughing stopped however, when a piece of toast aimed itself at the father. It flew out of the fire-engine red toaster and pursued him around the Guests’ Pantry at unusual speed before smacking him in the face. The only bit of luck was that it wasn’t buttered. The mother didn’t escape either. Within ten minutes of checking out she was back, pulling a man’s red tie out of her handbag that none of us recognised or had any idea how it had got in there. Was it the poltergeist?

Ghosts and The Management

We don’t give refunds on ghosts because we don’t believe in them and urge you not to either. However, we are willing to report all incidents. We recently welcomed two lady guests from the North of England whose first words uttered were: ‘Which room is the ghost in because it’s got to be kept away from my Mother.’ Any intrusion of this type would not be tolerated. We thought the ladies were joking but they were not. Soon, things started falling off walls, beds shook, toilet rolls vanished and the old mother skidded off the lavatory seat. ‘I saw eyes,’ she claimed ‘and something pulled me.’ If that’s true, the ghost must have been helping the poltergeist because the challenge was considerable.